Aug. 16th, 2016

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So rogueandranger sent me my lovely prompts for the Perc’ahlia Vacation fic (as set up by curriebelle) exchange and since it’s me being me, I have done two in one fic; in a bar and in an airship. Hope you all enjoy, it’s my first time writing critical role fic with dialogue.

Word Length: 3,900+ words.
Rated: Teen with some R references.

To say Percy and Scanlan had taken the news that Cassandra and Kaylie were going to get married well was a massive understatement.

By the time evening had set in both Percy and Scanlan had ended up, faces still ashen and lines around their mouths turned forlorn, in a corner of Vasselheim’s lesser known bars. Their elbows had been stuck fast to the table and the drinks constantly topped up by a bemused if sympathetic barkeeper, while Grog knocked back firewater out of solidarity in the next table and Pike’s hands twisted together in fretful patterns.

Conversation between the men is scarce, prolonged silences interrupted by shocked statements like ‘She’s getting married,’ and ‘Will she even ask me to walk her down the aisle?’, and ‘She’s marrying a Shorthalt,’ and ‘Do you think she’ll even let me sing at her wedding?’. The heavy thuds of their glasses seem to echo their dismay and even the chairs are sagging.

They could be given a little credit though; Vex has no idea what she would have done if she had come back from the Feywild only to find that she had missed four years of her brother’s life and that he had learned how to trust his heart enough to get married.


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